Tonfisk by Ciona Lee

Tonfisk by Ciona Lee

Ciona Lee is a Ceramic artist behind Tonfisk, her studio is based at Turning Earth in East London. After taking a sabbatical in Barcelona she took a ceramic course and learnt the basics of throwing and hand building, and from there she kept it up and has not looked back since. Cionas work has a playful take on proportions and explores organic shapes and nature as well as fun finishes and glazes.

Maker's Process

Ciona’s work is mostly hand built, a method that she chooses for the freedom it gives her to shape things liberally with her hands. Her process is rather intuitive and starts with a shape in her mind which can evolve organically during the making. She enjoys that through this fluid process each piece has its unique and imperfect character.

Artist Q&A

What are your inspirations/ interests?

I get inspired by anything around me. From other artists’ work, random objects on the street or natural landscapes. My work is mostly around forms and proportions at the moment although I’d also love to experiment more with different glazes.

What philosophies do you live by?

Do things you enjoy and let people be as long as they don’t hurt anyone, including yourself.

What are your main themes you’re interested in?

Organic shapes, nature, unusual proportions.

What is your dream project?

A large scale sculptural piece!

What are you interested in outside of creating?

Art exhibitions, markets, films, books and food!

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