Léa Bigot

Léa Bigot

Lea Bigot is a Réunionese sculptor now based in Marseille, taking her inspiration from the Indian ocean and combining it with the landscape of Marseille.

Lea’s work encapsulates the movements hidden inside natural shapes of rocks, mountains, waves and clouds. Working with clay allows her to act spontaneously and to shape her creations easily and quickly, it is important to Lea to work with natural materials as nature is her main inspiration and artificial materials don’t emanate the same feelings or vibrations to her.

Maker's Process

Léa describes herself as impatient and spontaneous, she loves to easily shape and form her visions inspired by her local landscape in Marseille. Her process starts with a large mass of natural clay, often stoneware which she carves away at fluidly in order to create her beautiful, balanced sculptures.

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Artist Q&A

What philosophies do you live by?
I think that anything new that someone does and brings into the world should be considered as Art.  Every object should be created keeping this in mind. Everything should tend to beauty and specialness whether it is a useful object or not.
What are your main themes you’re interested in?

I have a long term passion for interior design, that’s also why I like to think about useful sculptures. I like to think about forms of Art that can evolve in domestic space with a human scale. I really like to always question our way of producing objects with an approach halfway between design and Art. 
What is your dream project?

I would be thrilled to be able to think about a full collection of objects for a given interior. Working with other artisans to make a whole and coherent universe, creating everything from scratch from lighting to furniture, this would be my absolute dream.


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