Claud Christian

Claud Christian

Claudia Surrage and Christian Cowper are the duo behind Claud Christian, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, after both studying three-dimensional design in Newcastle, it was after their degree where they both attended ceramic and life drawing classes when they first started collaborating.

Maker's Process

With the exploration of material being one of the main forms of a starting point, it allows them to be more fluid with experimentation. Christian and Claudia’s experience spans from furniture, lighting, and product design, to ceramics, jewellery, and sculpture.

Artist Q&A

What are your inspirations/ interests?

Exploration of a form or a material is often the starting point for our projects. Our style is very fluid to allow us to experiment with our inspirations.

What is your dream project?

Creating a large scale design sculpture installation.

 Why do you use the processes and materials you use?

There is an excitement for the raw materials as well as the processes we use for each medium. Whether that be handling cold malleable clay, streams of shavings flying from wood on the lathe, or forming a flat piece of metal into something three-dimensional. 

Being able to produce works and physical models ourselves is an important part of our creative process - and is often what nudges us towards the next idea.

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