Sophie Alda Studios

Sophie Alda Studios

Sophie Alda is a ceramic artist based in Bristol, after getting into ceramic in 2014 she went full time in 2017 and went on to co-found a co-operative called Clay Collective based in Hackney - London with the aim of providing a supportive space for artists to collaborate ideas and resources.
Sophie's distinctively playful and tactile works engage the audience to touch and feel her work, her perfect balance of contemporary shapes and textures with a nod to more traditional ceramic vessels.

Artist Q&A 

How did you get into creating? 

I’ve always made stuff, I’ve done a bunch of different making jobs, but took up ceramics particularly in around 2014. Got heavily into it, started a co-op to make a space to work and went full time in around 2017

What are your inspirations/ interests? 

All the shapes and colours of nature, ancient and modern forms that went before me

What is your dream project? 

I mostly dream about co-housing projects and other methods of sharing resources.


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