Skógr Studio

Skógr Studio

Tom Archer is a wood artist in Bingley - West Yorkshire, in late 2020 he had set up Skógr after a friend who works in forestry supplied him with some ash, from then he made several pieces and continued ever since.

Taking inspiration from his initial love for Cubism artwork, his work has a bold and playful use of curves.

Tom's aim is to create conscious, responsible pieces of artwork that are affordable and accessible to everyone, sustainability and accessibility play a big factor in his work.

Maker's Process

Each piece is carved from his home studio and all wood is sustainably sourced, locally from Yorkshire. From dried bloom vessels and bud vases, to book-ends and photo holders, Skógr studio aims to create both functional and decorative pieces with an aesthetic to suite any living space.

Artist Q&A

What are your inspirations/ interests?

 Main interests alongside working with wood are photography and painting. The idea of trying my hand at creating pieces from wood initially came from my love of painting, particularly the cubism and fauvism movement. A lot of my designs are inspired by forms and strokes within paintings, especially cubist works by painters such as Popova, Braque and Metzinger. Having Salts Mills walking distance away is great as well to get my Hockney fill when needed.

 What are your main themes you’re interested in?

 Aesthetically speaking I've touched upon this already with the Cubism inspiration, but there's an obvious sculptural influence to my work as well. 

Sustainability and low carbon footprint are massively important to my craft as well. All the wood I use is reclaimed from a timber merchant in Sheffield that has all been reclaimed. I recently got hold of some Jarrah wood that had come from an old Sleeper train, one of the pieces in my Ansae collection has been carved from the sleeper Jarrah. All the wood I get is then hauled back on the train with me in a massive suitcase, always a good laugh that...

 Why do you use the processes and materials you use?

 I use reclaimed wood as it's a sustainable, tactile and beautiful. The entire process excites me; from foraging through the piles of wood at the timber merchant, coming up with new designs and then oiling the final product to see that grain pop. The feeling of someone owning and loving something you've made as well, can't beat that. 

^ ( cheesy that innit but suppose It's the truth haha) 

 What are you interested in outside of creating?

 A decent pint and collecting photography books. I also make digital prosthetic eyes as part of my day job as a Medical illustrator, that's pretty sound too.

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