La Roche Pottery

La Roche Pottery

Lyson is a French Canadian artist now based in London, England. Primarily working with clay that she harvests from the landscapes she surrounds herself within, this lengthy process of clearing the clay for any impurities allows her to feel closer to the clay and brings a meditative aspect to the work.

The main themes that run across her wide span of work is the female body, myths and sacred spaces.

Maker's Process

Lyson's work has an interest in ancient techniques and forms, incorporating folklore and ritual into raw materials and clay that she harvests herself from the landscape. Her practice also involves ecology, fermentation and regenerative art.

Maker's Process photography by Marta Fernandez

Artist Q&A

What are your inspirations/ interests?

Ethnoarchaeology, fermentation, ecology, knowledge sharing, permaculture, life.

 What philosophies do you live by?

Give the same respect to a river that you would to a person.

What is your dream project?

Things are in constant flux in my mind so I always have different projects floating around. Perhaps one would be to have a little patch of land, where I can plant a forest garden, make massive sculptures, hold residencies, exercise a slower pace of life. 

What are you interested in outside of creating?

Bees, films, plants, people, bacterias, places, fungi, witches, margins, herbal medicine, stories.

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