Ia Kutateladze is a Georgian born artist and studied Product and Interior Design in Florence, after graduating she briefly moved back to her hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia to continue working within the design industry, eventually moving to Berlin in 2016, where Iaai Studio was born in 2019.

Her journey of exploration through art has changed over the years, but one constant source of inspiration has always been about the small daily rituals. Her passion lies in connecting the personal emotional and psychological process with material and form exploration. She investigates the link between her emotions, memories, thought and personal experiences and how they could be translated into form and material research.

Maker's Process

Ia’s process is ever evolving, since moving to Berlin from her hometown of Tbilisi she has changed her practice from outsourcing to making everything by hand. This allows her have much more interaction and interplay with her material to create these raw and striking pieces.

She feels that the materiality of clay grounds her and has taught her patience, however she is not restricted by ceramic and is branching out into other materials as well as other mediums and approaches.

Maker's process photography by by Ann Svanidze

Artist Q&A

What philosophies do you live by?
One of the most important things that I really believe strongly influences my work and being in general, is the relationship that I build with myself, the communication and the understanding that with time has formed itself, shaped itself and that I really very much cherish, therefore I try to stay true and honest with myself in all the possible situations. Which is the starting point of the honest creative process, which leads to honest work. For the last couple of years, I started understanding the significance of presence so much more. Every time I fly too much forward or go back to the past, I really try to bring myself back to this moment, which is now and every time I manage to do that, I feel more grateful. So, staying in this moment in time, at least trying to. I think these are the principles that I live by the most.
What are your main themes you’re interested in?
As a one-person studio, where everything is done by hand, the slowness of the handicraft and the sustainability of it are very crucial themes for me. Sustainable materials and ways of producing as little waste as possible. I started also using found materials or structures. There are a lot of objects that people put on the streets in Berlin, so if I see something interesting, I take it to the studio and see how I could recreate and reuse it. I love this transformation that happens with these objects. Also, as I mentioned, I find the human mind and psychology fascinating and finding the link between human states of being and the creative processes and materials, links which are very personal and intimate, telling personal stories, sometimes hidden and sometimes openly revealed.
What is your dream project?
My dream project would be having the knowledge, skills and means to work on as many different materials as possible, to play around, to experiment. To have workshops and tools that would enable me to challenge myself more. More I explore, the more ideas come and this stimulating unknown area, the sensation of creating something for the first time and being surprised, excited or disappointed by the result, there is nothing more powerful than that feeling.

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