Julliete Godard is a designer and founder of Goju based in Montreuil - Paris. Originally studying fashion design she wanted to continue her creative exploration experimenting with alternative mediums, and this is where she discovered her love for ceramics.

Maker's Process

Sourcing inspiration from her surroundings when travelling, Goju's bold use of colour and shape connects back to her occupation as a womenswear knitwear designer. She is forever seeking ways to incorporate the lightness and tactility of knit into her ceramic works, which can be seen in her recent works using raffia.

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Artist Q&A

What are your inspirations/ interests?

I could sit at a cafe and look around me at people or things and be very inspired. I am very sensitive to photography otherwise or even taking pictures myself while I am traveling. I did an amazing trip lately to Mexico around ceramics which was very inspiring. I of course enjoy looking at what is happening in fashion too. As I would like to start working on some tableware I also get inspired by food or chefs nowadays.

 What philosophies do you live by?

I don't know if it's a philosophy but I would say that it is important to slow down, take the time, reflect, read or even do nothing sometimes to make sure you are aligned with yourself or with what you do. Not saying it's easy tho !

Why do you use the processes and materials you use?

I think as I am a knitwear designer I was looking for combining, "knitting" ceramic to something else. I liked the idea of adding lightness to the clay which I found in the raffia. 

I also love making collaborations with other artisans, who are adding there craft and savoir-faire. It is creating a beautiful meeting between materials and the universe. As I already did with leather and maybe with wood in the future.

As building technique I am only doing modeling for now. I love it cause it stays quite organic in the result and imperfect. 

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