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Argot Studio

Eimear Ryan is a designer and the founder of Argot Studio based in Ivry-Sur-Seine - Paris. After exploring a career as an interior designer, her passion for furniture and objects evolved into creating her own designs. Eimear’s inspiration is rooted in French design pieces found on travels to flea markets in France. Using the sustainable process of 3-D printing recycled PLA Eimear is able to create beautiful and accessible pieces. Eimear continues to innovate with new biodegradable materials, pushing the boundaries of materiality.

Maker's Process

All of Argot Studio’s pieces are 3D printed in renewable 100% biomass developed and printed in Paris. This raw material is made from PLA (polylactic acid) which is a type of plastic made from organic, renewable resources including corn starch with 70% of the material used originating from recycled material.

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What are your inspirations/ interests?

I love to travel both within France and abroad, exploring new places I think is the biggest source of inspiration. I also love to find old design or decoration books in second hand book shops or to visit brocantes in the french countryside where you can find great French design pieces from the different decades.

What is your dream project?

To design and build my dream home in the countryside implicating and customising the most innovative sustainable options at my disposal for our time. It would be a huge challenge and learning curve but I think the most rewarding one. 

 Why do you use the processes and materials you use?

The principal means of production I use right now is 3D printing. This particular process was a really efficient and exciting solution for me as a designer, it's fast moving and we are always able to be innovative and push ourselves to explore possibilities. The material (recycled PLA) we have chosen to use as it's biodegradable and sourced in Europe, new exciting materials are coming along all the time to use with 3D printing such as seaweed, and oyster shells which is super exciting to play around with.  

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